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 RS Electrical will cater for all commercial and Industrial projects, offering friendly and professional advice along the way to ensure each job is met not only on time and within budget but also to a safe standard dictated to us by the strict regulations we adhere to. If there is something specific you are looking for that is not mentioned in the following services, then please do not hesitate to call or email us as we will no doubt have a solution for you!


  • Full 3 Phase Electrical Installations 
  • Full Team of Sub Contractors who conduct the full spectrum of Electrical Installations 
  • Data Cabling
  • Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting
  • Security Alarms & Lighting
  • Full Design Service
  • Boiler Systems & Wiring 

Full 3 Phase Installations 

Bringing in a 3 phase feed into your home or work place does not have to be overly expensive but RS Electrical

will however, ensure it is carried out to the safety standards we pride ourselves on.

Full spectrum of Electrical Installations 

RS Electrical have a friendly and professional team of electricians who will always go out of their way to ensure

a job is done efficiently but more importantly by the book, leaving no room for error - Safety is always our

primary concern. No job is too small and you can rely on us for practical advice.

Data Cabling 

RS Electrical can supply and install a variety of Data Cabling. Cabling includes; Defence Cable, originally used

for military purposes, is now widely used in industry as it is compact, has a range of sizes for most applications

and a high working voltage. BS5308 Cable which are unarmored : Collectively Screened and Individually &

collectively screened. Cat 6 Cable the ultimate solution for a future proof network. It is specifically designed

to support the exacting requirements for tomorrow's protocols, yet is fully backwards compatible with today's

needs. Call us today to talk about a cable that is perfect for your needs...

Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

RS Electrical can supply and fit a variety of fire alarms and emergency lighting. Get in contact with us today,

we will advise you of the appropriate system for you and at the same time, produce a hassle-free quotation...

Full Design Service 

RS Electrical offer a bespoke design service. If we are involved from the word 'go' we will advise you during the

critical stages of planning, crucial to any large scale commercial electrical installation. This way you will have the

peace of mind that everything is being performed correctly and in the right order to ensure deadlines are met,

without the extra expense of having to think of work-arounds that could have been avoided from the start.

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